Comments and original story titles.

* # Title Original Story Comments Author
* 101 & 102 A Tale in Twain Tom Sawyer The No-Name Grave Mark Twain
* 103 Twisted Tail Oliver Twist   Chas. Dickens
  104 Rosie, Oh, Rosie, Oh! Romeo & Juliet Wishbone in the pound Shakespeare
* 105 Homer Sweet Homer The Odyssey Developers in Jackson Park Homer
* 106 Bark that Bark (Anansi story)    
  107 Cyranose Cyrano de Bergerac Weird sculpture & poetry E. Rostand
  108 The Slobbery Hound The Hound of the Baskervilles Wishbone is falsely accused of making trouble all over the neighborhood. A. Conan Doyle
  109 Digging Up the Past Rip Van Winkle Time capsule W. Irving
* 110 Bone of Arc Joan of Arc Samantha saves the boys’ soccer team. Mark Twain
* 111 The Impawsible Dream Don Quixote Joe shoots baskets trying to get into the Encyclopedia of World Records. M. Cervantes
  112 Fleabitten Bargain Faust A sneaky salesman tries to sell Joe a dream machine. Goethe
* 113 Sniffing the Gauntlet Ivanhoe spelling bee W. Scott
  114 The Hunchdog of Notre Dame The Hunchback of Notre Dame Nathaniel and roller hockey team Victor Hugo
  115 Golden Retrieved Silas Marner Joe pays more attention to his mountain bike than to Wishbone. George Eliot
  116 A Tale of Two Sitters A Tale of Two Cities Remote control car Chas. Dickens
* 117 Frankenbone Frankenstein David’s science fair project gets out of hand. Mary Shelley
  118 Hot Diggety Dawg Journey to the Center of the Earth Finding medal Jules Verne
  119 One Thousand & One Tails Ali Baba Computer larceny: internet bandits  
  120 Mixed Breeds Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Wanda and Mr Pruitt have secret lives R. L. S.
  121 The Canine Cure The Imaginary Invalid allergies Moliere
  122 The Pawloined Paper The Purloined Letter Joe has crush on teacher E. A. Poe
  123 Bark to the Future The Time Machine Joe gets a calculator H. G. Wells
  124 Paw Prints of Thieves Robin Hood    
* 125 Furst Impressions Pride & Prejudice School beach party Jane Austen
  126 The Prince & the Pooch The Prince & the Pauper Joe as coach Mark Twain
  127 The Count’s Account The Count of Monte Cristo Damont uses David’s robot. A. Dumas
  128 Salty Dog Treasure Island Samantha gets Joe and David in trouble in an abandoned barn. R. L. S.
  129 Little Big Dog David & Goliath David makes a big mistake. Bible
  130 A Dogged Exposé A Scandal in Bohemia Samantha is the subject of a scandal. A. Conan Doyle
  131 A Terrified Terrier The Red Badge of Courage Joe hangs with Grady Ray S. Crane
  132 Shakespaw The Tempest David directs the school production of The Tempest. Shakespeare
  133 Muttketeer The 3 Musketeers Mort the rat A. Dumas
  134 Hercules Unleashed H & the Golden Apples Samantha tries to find a perfect present for her dad’s birthday. Ovid
  135 ¡Viva Wishbone! (Mexican story)    
  136 The Entrepawneur Midas Joe’s grocery business Ovid
  137 Pantin’ at the Opera The Phantom of the Opera Phantom of the Library G. Leroux
  138 Dances with Dogs (Am. Indian story)    
  139 Rushin’ to the Bone The Inspector General Mr McPooch N. Gogol
  140 Picks of the Litter (clip show:  see *) Tom Sawyer; (Anansi story); Don Quixote; Pride & Prejudice; The Odyssey; Ivanhoe; Frankenstein; Joan of Arc; Oliver Twist  
  200 The Legend of the Creepy Collars  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow hour long: scavenger hunt W. Irving
  201 The Prince of Wags Henry IV, Part I Joe as captain of team Shakespeare
  202 Groomed for Greatness Great Expectations David sucks up to an artist Chas. Dickens
  203 A Bone of Contention The Courtship of Miles Standish Joe gets David to ask Sarah to the dance. Longfellow
  204 War of the Noses The Black Arrow Wishbone to the vet R. L. S.
  205 Moonbone The Moonstone BB player’s ring is missing. W. Collins
  206 Barking at Buddha The Monkey King Wishbone tries to stop two little kids from disaster impressing the older kids. Wu Ch’eng-en
  207 Pup Fiction Northanger Abbey Wanda gets mysterious messages Jane Austen
  208 The Roamin’ Nose The Aeneid Everyone gathers at Pepper Pete’s. Virgil
  film Wishbone’s Dog Days of the West Heart of the West (A Call Loan, The Reformation of Calliope, Cupid a la Carte) Wanda is a hero, but a reporter portrays her as a tyrant O Henry

* = These episodes are included in episode 140, “Picks of the Litter”, a montage episode.