Lists of Four

Humor Season Wind Element Organ Qualities Temperament
blood spring south (Notus; Auster) air liver hot &  moist sanguine (SP)
phlegm winter west (Zephyros; Favonius) water brain/lungs cold & moist phlegmatic (NT)
yellow bile summer east (Eurus) fire gall bladder hot & dry choleric (NF)
black bile autumn north (Boreas; Aquilo) earth spleen cold & dry melancholic (SJ)


More on Temperament

Temperament Type
Hippocrates Myers-Briggs Jung (Keirsey) Mythic Oz Hogwarts
sanguine SP Artisan Dionysian Cowardly Lion Slytherin
phlegmatic NT Rational Promethian Tin Man Ravenclaw
choleric NF Idealist Appolonian Scarecrow Gryffindor
melancholic SJ Guardian Epimethian Dorothy Hufflepuff

There may be some disagreement on how the Hogwarts houses should be related to the four temperaments.  For instance, some have the temperament types of Gryffindor and Slytherin the reverse of what is listed here.  (All seem to agree on Hufflepuff, though.)

Temperament Type Hogwarts House colors symbol element characteristics
Dionysian (SP) Slytherin green & silver snake water clever, ambitious, pure
Promethian (NT) Ravenclaw blue & bronze eagle air intelligent, clever
Appolonian (NF) Gryffindor red & gold lion fire bravery
Epimethian (SJ) Hufflepuff yellow & black badger earth steadiness, loyalty, industry, equality

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