Songs of the 20th Century

Year by year

This is a list of songs of the 20th Century I have compiled from various sources, including my own memory.  The idea came to me from a list by Art Evans and Howard Korman, and I kept adding to it.  My interest in popular music is somewhat marginal, and I did not listen to much popular music after about 1970.  So there tends to be a large representation from the 40s, 50s and 60s, and not much after that.

My plan was to have one song per year as representative of popular music during that year.  But some years there were so many songs I could not decide, and others I am not aware of popular trends, so I could not decide.

The songs are in five lists, given below.

My plan is to improve this list, and to add links, as I find them.  If you have any comments, corrections, or suggestions, please email me.


Last updated: February 21, 2004.

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