Streets in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Del Amo Boulevard was planned to run from Redondo Beach to Yorba Linda. It was built across some swampy land in Carson and Long Beach.  In 2003 a bridge connecting two segments in Carson was opened over the San Diego Freeway (I-405).  The City of Torrance has shown interest in completing its segment, but so far, neither the City nor the County of Los Angeles has shown any interest in completing their segments.

In Orange County, Del Amo Blvd becomes La Palma Avenue, and runs all the way to Yorba Linda.

Del Amo is a pioneer family in the South Bay region of Greater Los Angeles.  The progenitor of the family (Dr. Gregorio del Amo y Gonzalez) married Susana Dominguez, daughter of Don Manuel Dominguez.

Carson Street exists in two disconnected segments, being divided by the Los Angeles River.  The western segment begins in Torrance as a minor residential street just east of the Redondo Beach city limits.  At Ocean Avenue, it becomes a wide highway, continuing at the same latitude to just west of the Los Angeles River.

The eastern segment begins at Long Beach Blvd.  The portion between Long Beach Blvd and Atlantic Ave was once known as Visalia St, and may have once been the continuation of Long Beach Blvd, diverting traffic to Atlantic Ave.  (Long Beach Blvd did not continue south of Carson; the portion south of Roosevelt Road was originally known as American Avenue.)  The portion between Atlantic Avenue and Lakewood Blvd is a new alignment, the original roadway veered south as it proceeded westward from Lakewood to Atlantic, meeting Atlantic near  the present course of Bixby Rd.

From Lakewood Blvd eastward this was state highway 178.  This continued into Orange County, the street name changing to Lincoln Avenue in Orange County.  In the old part of Anaheim, the highway followed Center Street, then Orange-Olive Road.  Both of these latter two names have been changed to Lincoln Ave.  This highway was posted with the state route 18 shield, sometime after 1934.  Then in the 1940s it added the shield for US 91.

The Carson family was one of the pioneer families in the region.  George Henry Carson married Maria Victoria Dominguez, daughter of Don Manuel Dominguez.