Streets of Redondo Beach

Named for tycoons

There are several areas of Redondo Beach, each having a theme for street names.  In South Redondo, for instance, east-west streets are named for jewels, and north-south streets have women's names (some the names of Dominguez women). In the Clifton area (south of Knob Hill Av), the east-west streets have letter names (A, B, C, &c). 

The lower part of North Redondo was developed by W. H. Carlson and George Peck, beginning in 1906, under the name Redondo Villa Tract, an area bounded by (today’s names) Artesia, Ripley, Slauson, and Prospect.  In 1907 another tract, Redondo Villa Tract B, was added, bounded by Artesia, Manhattan Beach Blvd, Vail, and Aviation.  To give an aura of prosperity,  many streets are named for American tycoons ("captains of industry") of the time.  Perhaps only three were real scoundrels:  Fisk and Gould, who wrecked the Erie RR, and Carlson, who was involved in several shady real estate deals, both in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Street Named for Dates Industry
Gould Ln * Jason "Jay" Gould 1836-1892 speculator & RRs (Erie, MP, UP, MKT, T&P)
Vanderbilt Ln Cornelius Vanderbilt 1794-1877 shipping & RRs (NYC; C&NW)
Carnegie Ln Andrew Carnegie 1835-1919 steel
Rockefeller Ln John Davison Rockefeller 1839-1937 oil (Standard Oil trust)
Huntington Ln Collis Potter Huntington
or Henry Edwards Huntington
RRs (CP, SP, B&O)
RRs (", and PE); philanthropist
Harriman Ln Edward Henry Harriman 1848-1909 RRs (IC, UP, NP, SP)
Clark Ln William Andrews Clark 1835-1925 merchant & miner in MT; railroads
Marshall Field Ln Marshall Field 1834-1906 merchant
Pullman Ln George Mortimer Pullman 1831-1897 Pullman cars
Belmont Ln August Belmont 1853-1924 banking
Speyer Ln James Speyer 1861-1941 banking
Haynes Ln Elwood Haynes  1857-1915 inventor (horseless carriage)
Morgan Ln John Pierpont Morgan 1837-1913 banking, RRs (SOU, Erie), steel
Havemeyer Ln Henry Osborne Havemeyer 1847-1907 sugar, coffee
Carlson Ln William H. "Billy" Carlson  1864-1937 developer of Redondo Villa
Peck Av George Huntington Peck, Jr 1856-1940 real estate developer; sold site of El Segundo refinery to Standard Oil; developed El Porto
Spreckels Ln Claus Spreckels 1828-1908 sugar
Armour Ln Philip Danforth Armour 1832-1901 meat packing
Van Horne Ln Sir Wm. Cornelius Van Horne 1843-1915 RRs (Canadian Pacific)
Lomax Ln ?    
Fisk Ln James Fisk 1834-1872 speculator; RRs (Erie)
Alvord Ln William Alvord ? 1833-1904 merchant, banker, mayor of SF 
Ralston Ln William Chapman Ralston 1826-1875 banking:  Bank of California
Hill Ln James Jerome Hill 1838-1916 RRs:  (GN, NP, CB&Q) the "Empire Builder"
Ives Ln      
Hadley Ln      
Perkins Ln Thomas Handasyd Perkins 1764-1854 merchant
Felton Ln Charles N. Felton (?)   politician
Phelan Ln James Phelan, or
James Duval Phelan

mining, banking, mayor of SF

Mackay Ln Gordon MacKay
or John William Mackay
or Clarence Hungerford Mackay
mining engineer
Vail Av Theodore Vail
or ?
telephones (AT&T)
Slauson Ln Jonathan Sayre Slauson 1829-1905  banker; LA&I RR; developer of Azusa
Rindge Ln Frederick Hastings Rindge 1857-1905 oil (Union Oil); So. Cal. Edison Co.
Blossom Ln      
Green Ln Thomas Jefferson Green (?) 1802-1863 politician; sponsored University of California
Flagler Ln Henry Morrison Flagler 1830-1913 oil (Standard Oil)
Harkness Ln Stephen Vanderburgh Harkness 1818-1888 oil (Standard Oil)
Ruxton Av      
Axenty Wy Sam Axenty  1892-1975  R. B. City Councilman
Wollacott St      
Carver St      
Herrin St      
Dixon St      
Reed St      
Ford Ln Henry Ford 1863-1947 automobiles
Steinhart Av A. W. Steinhart    
Goodman Ln      
Stanford Av Amasa Leland Stanford 1824-1893 merchant, RRs (CP, SP)
Harper Av      
Reynolds Ln Jackson Eli Reynolds 1873-1958 banker
Graham Av      
Gates Av John Warne Gates 1855-1911 barbed wire; steel; known as "Bet-a-Million" Gates
Curtis Av      
Voorhees Av      
Ruhland Av      
Nelson Av Nelson Olsen Nelson 1844-1922 industrialist; advocated profit sharing
Matthews Av      

* Gould Ln was renamed Artesia Blvd in the 1960s; Gould Av continues in Hermosa Beach.