How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Act I, Scene 1: Exterior of the World Wide Wicket Company (How to . . .)

Act I, Scene 2: Corridor of the World Wide Wicket Company (Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm)

Act I, Scene 3: The Outer Office (Coffee Break)

Act I, Scene 4: The Mail Room (The Company Way)

Act I, Scene 5: Biggley’s Office

Act I, Scene 6: Corridor (A Secretary Is Not a Toy)

Act I, Scene 7: Elevator Landing (Been a Long Day)

Act I, Scene 8: Outer Office, Saturday Morning (Old Ivy)

Act I, Scene 9: Finchs First Office

Act I, Scene 11: A Corridor

Act I, Scene 12: The Roof (Paris Original)

Act I, Scene 14: Biggley’s Office (Rosemary)

Act II, Scene 1: The Outer Office (Cinderella Darling)

Act II, Scene 2: Finch’s Advertising Office

Act II, Scene 3: Biggley’s Office (Heart of Gold)

Act II, Scene 4: Executive Men’s Washroom (I Believe in You; Gotta Stop That Man)

Act II, Scene 5: The Board Room (Finch’s Presentation)

Act II, Scene 6: The Television Show (Pirate Dance)

Act II, Scene 7: The Wrecked Outer Office

Act II, Scene 8: The Elevator Landing

Act II, Scene 9: Biggley’s Office (Brotherhood of Man)

Act II, Scene 10: The Outer Office (Finale)