Fiddler on the Roof

Notes and Glossary


Act I, Prologue (“Tradition” )

Act I, Scene 1 : The kitchen of Tevye’s house (“Matchmaker, Matchmaker” )

Act I, Scene 2 : Exterior of Tevye’s house (“If I were a rich man” )

Act I, Scene 3 : Interior of Tevye’s house (“Sabbath Prayer”)

Act I, Scene 4 : The inn (“To Life” )

Act I, Scene 5 : The street outside the inn

Act I, Scene 6 : Outside Tevye’s house (“Miracle of Miracles” )

Act I, Scene 7 : Tevye’s bedroom (“The Dream” )

Act I, Scene 8 : The village street and the interior of Motel’s tailor shop

Act I, Scene 9 : Part of the yard of Tevye’s house (“Sunrise, Sunset” )

Act I, Scene 10 : The entire yard of Tevye’s house (“Bottle Dance” )

Act II, Scene 1 : Exterior of Tevye’s house (“Now I Have Everything” and “Do You Love Me?” )

Act II, Scene 2 : The village street (“The Rumor” )

Act II, Scene 3 : The exterior of the railway station (“Far From the Home I Love” )

Act II, Scene 5 : Motel’s tailor shop

Act II, Scene 6 : A road

Act II, Scene 7 : Tevye’s barn (“Anatevka” )

Act II, Scene 8 : Outside Tevye’s house


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