Kiss Me Kate

Glossary and Comments

¶ Additional Shakespeare words are given on a separate list.

¶ Words given here are (generally) in the order of the play, rather than in alphabetical order. The titles in brackets are the song in which the term occurs.

Introduction (in the script)

Act I, Scene 1

Act I, Scene 2

Act I, Scene 3

German English
wunderbar “wonderful”
Jungfrau “Virgin” (in this case, the alp in Switzerland, peak elevation 13642 ft; a ski resort)
Liebchen mein literally, “my little love”: a term of endearment

Act I, Scene 4

Act I, Scene 5 (See also “Shakespeare words”)

Act I, Scene 6

Act I, Scene 8 (See “Shakespeare words”)

Act I, Scene 9 (See “Shakespeare words”)

Act II, Scene 1

Act II, Scene 3 (See also “Shakespeare words”)

Act II, Scene 4

Act II, Scene 5

Act II, Scene 6

Act II, Scene 7

Some of the items mentioned in the song “Brush Up Your Shakespeare”:

Act II, Scene 8 (See also “Shakespeare words”)