State Fair

Glossary and Notes

ActI, Scene 1: The Frake Farm--a Tuesday afternoon in late August, 1946

Act I, Scene 2: On the road to Des Moines--Wednesday morning before dawn

Act I, Scene 3: The Midway at the Hoop-La Booth--later that morning

Act I, Scene 4: The Midway at the Temple of Wonder--immediately following

Act I, Scene 5: The Beer Tent--that afternoon

Act I, Scene 6: Outside the Dairy Pavilion--later that afternoon

Act I, Scene 7: The Starlight Dance Meadow--that night

Act I, Scene 8: Camper's Hill--Thursday morning

Act II, Scene 2: Outside the Dairy Pavilion--early that night

Act II, Scene 3: The Starlight Dance Meadow--immediately following

Act II, Seene 4: The Hillside--later that night

From the 1946 film (not from the show)